Courtyard by Marriott GoBoard©


UX/UI Design; Strategy

Courtyard by Marriott GoBoard


The GoBoard is a digital, brand-standard solution that has been used in Courtyard hotels since 2008. This touch-screen device is a centerpiece to Courtyard lobbies, providing information on local and on-property events, weather, sports scores, news, local hotspots, hotel amenities, social media and food and beverage at the signature Bistro. When I became involved, the application was ready for an overhaul to match the new demographic, brand goals and redesign. In the past 4 years, I have led the design of a continually evolving digital product that adapts to meet the needs of the target demographic.


After collecting user and client feedback, and as Courtyard’s brand goals evolved, our latest iteration focuses on a push, rather than pull, interaction. Guests can now gather vital information as they pass through the hotel lobby, with the option to dive deeper at their leisure.