Curtis Wedding Wheel


Concept, design, art direction, production coordination, copywriting

Curtis Wedding Wheel


As a one-of-a-kind boutique hotel in Downtown Denver with over 23,000 square feet of event space, the Curtis sales team wanted a way to quickly distinguish itself as a unique event venue at wedding expos. Not only did they need a giveaway that would be a fun conversation piece, reflecting on the lighthearted nature of the themed property, but also include all of the important selling points that are important to brides and grooms.


I developed the concept and design for this “wedding wheel” piece, as a nod to the playful spirit of the venue. Especially for events where brides and grooms are inundated with choices and collateral, this piece was completely unique to the Curtis and was a great way for the sales team to quickly talk through the venue’s best features. Prospective clients spin the wheel to each of the categories to reveal playful copy, written by me, to tease the elements that make the Curtis a unique venue and allow the sales team members to go into further depth. I worked with a local printer to create custom die-cuts and letterpress printing, pushing the piece to the next level in quality and memorability.