Hosted Villas Email Templates


Design, art direction, HTML coding

Hosted Villas EmailHosted Villas, a high-end vacation home rental company, approached me as they were looking to take their marketing to the next level with targeted email campaigns. As the brand underwent a re-design, it was very important to them to communicate their existing company goals and ideals while incorporating the new and improved aesthetic.


Hosted Villas EmailI created a series of templates to hold the wealth of information they wanted to communicate to both prospects and current customers, in a way that avoided overwhelming with big blocks of text. Across the templates, I created a similar look and feel, but with obvious differences to distinguish the different goals for the various different templates. Ultimately, I worked with the marketing team to create these templates in a format that their internal team, with no knowledge of HTML and very little need for image editing, is able to maintain for all future deployments.