Portico Welcome Packages


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Portico Welcome Package


As a new company within the luxury travel space, Portico differentiated itself by appealing to a younger demographic than its parent company, the well-established Exclusive Resorts. As such, the on-boarding process for new members required some education on the product and a solid welcome to the club to enhance its value.


As the marketing team was looking for a well-package product that would be an experience to receive and open, I worked with a vendor to create a custom box that could be shipped and carefully hold a variety of items along with a welcome letter from the company’s president. The package included a vibrant, full-page brochure, printed on a luxurious soft-touch stock, and detailing the many perks of the club and how to use them. Additionally, well-positioned post cards are included, highlighting some of the newest properties in the portfolio and encouraging them to spread the word to friends to receive member referral bonuses.

Portico Email Campaign
Portico Email Campaign
Portico Email Campaign