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Clear Choice sales dashboard


Research; Strategy; UX/UI Design; Art Direction


ClearChoice is a dental implant provider, with locations all over the United States. Due to the high volume of patients that come through each center's doors, communication among team members and across the company is key. Every morning, the teams at each center have a daily huddle, during which they review key metrics, daily and long-term goals, the day's busy schedule, and company announcements. ClearChoice leadership was looking for a way to streamline this experience, creating consistency across the centers and providing an easy-to-use platform from which to display the information.


After gaining some insight about their company, brand, and operations through secondary research, I developed some initial concept statements and hypotheses. Stakeholder interviews were a key component in beginning this process, as there were a lot of different end users throughout the company, with many varying goals. I sat down with representatives from all different departments, determining their pain points and ideal experiences. From there, I brought these stakeholders together for a UX workshop, in which we brainstormed ways to accomplish these goals. This workshop provided some insights for the different department leaders, who may not have been aware of the conflicting goals of their peers and colleagues, and created empathy in understanding a widespread solution. This workshop resulted in some preliminary wireframes, which I then refined and began testing out for functionality among their end-users.


When we had determined the relative functionality and content inclusions through wireframes, I then was able to move into high fidelity designs. I created a mood board of visual information based on company branding, trends in visual communication, and similar solutions we had created for other clients. Due to the high volume of data to be communicated from the dashboards, I stressed the importance of displaying the information as visually as possible. This would not only create an inviting aesthetic that would remain fresh, encouraging continual interaction, but also make the data easier to absorb at a glance. Because the displays would be available throughout the day in break rooms, in addition to their primary usage in the morning huddles, it was very important to create an interface that any of their employees could easily access.


The ClearChoice executives were enthusiastic with the resulting interface, and excited to introduce it to their teams during their annual leadership conference. Pilot users were instantly able to access the information important to them, and provided some initial, positive feedback that we used to put some additional functionality into place before rolling it out to the centers nationwide. Center management adopted the new product quickly, and it now serves as a pivotal tool for center communication and KPI motivation.

Note: Mockups have been stripped of all confidential company information. Any data shown is placeholder only and does not reflect ClearChoice metrics.