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June 7, 2018
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Daimler employee wayfinder


Research; Strategy; UX/UI Design; Art Direction


As Daimler Trucking North America set out to build a new state-of-the-art headquarters in Portland, the logistics of moving their 500+ employees was very carefully considered. With employees currently spread out across a variety of buildings and campuses, where they had resided for years, the team at Daimler knew that they needed to be deliberate about educating them on the new facility's features and layout, creating as smooth a transition as possible. Additionally, they sought a long-term solution that would provide continued relevant information to their employees and serve as a valuable benefit to the workplace.


Our first order of business was to do some observational research in DTNA's current space, determining what kinds of tools were in place already for employee communication, metrics and wayfinding. During our site walk-through, we determined that a large part of DTNA's communication strategy revolved around paper signage hung throughout the office -- often covering full walls with print-outs that had to be regenerated daily to show current statistics and messaging. By interviewing employees, we learned that this was a huge pain point, and identified the need for digitized communications portals that could be updated easily, or even better, automatically, through data sources that were already being utilized for company-wide reporting.


After sketching out initial wireframes, I created a fully interactive prototype on Invision that allowed Daimler executives and end-user representatives to get some hands-on time with the product, and gave us the chance to perform A/B testing on different functionalities to determine the best user experience. After several rounds of iterations, the wayfinder was ready to ship and introduce to the division at large.


The digital kiosks became an integral piece of the introduction of the new building, as employees got used to the layout as well as the new amenities available to them. As a long-term solution, the kiosks are used frequently due to their active content such as current news and traffic, employee wayfinding, cafeteria menus, weather, and company event feeds.

Note: Mockups have been stripped of all confidential company information. Any data shown is placeholder only and does not reflect actual Daimler data.

We use [the] platform to create two distinct experiences: one for visitors and one for employees. The screens in the lobby make a statement about who we are and where we’re going, while the employee-focused screens ensure that every member of the DTNA team can easily access important information.

IT Project Manager, Daimler Trucks North America