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June 7, 2018

Mazda dealership experience


Research; Strategy; UX/UI Design; Art Direction


Mazda North America saw the idea of interactive screens as a key component to a “Retail Evolution”occurring at new and redesigned dealer show rooms. They looked to use an interactive touch screen to enhance the dealership experience, elevate the Mazda brand, complement existing digital signage and assist in the sales process with measurable ROI. They hoped to solve a variety of pre-identified customer pain points, including a lack of brand awareness/opinion, anxiety towards the sales process in general, and a need for more education on vehicle features and technology.


In order to begin understanding the customer pain points, I looked at research performed by Mazda's marketing team, including a detailed map of the average customer's purchase cycle, to determine where the paint points are and what might be causing them. Taking this one step further, I broke down the customer journey into the actions most typically taken at the dealership or just before, which would have the most impact on their use of the solution within the showroom. I also used demographic data to create typical personas, helping us to inform decision making along the way. Additionally, I performed observational research and stakeholder interviews to get insights into the needs and wants of both customers as well as sales representatives and executives. From here, I was able to create priority matrices to compare the goals of the different stakeholders, and determine the most common and important focus points. Finally, I analyzed this research and made some initial concept statements to guide the solutions proposed.


I sketched out a series of wireframes to review with MNAO executives, in order to propose some solutions based on the results gleaned from discovery. After getting their feedback, I turned these into more hi-fidelity wireframes, which allowed me to perform some preliminary paper prototyping and test some hypotheses. Some additional tweaks were made to the flow, and then I started on the initial designs, which I presented in a full working prototype on Invision. After many many iterations, due to an ever-changing brand, budget and construction constraints leading to changes in screen size and orientation, and evolving business goals, we finalized a design and I worked with our developer to get it built and deployed.


After the rollout to some pilot properties, the interactive digital signage was received well. Upon follow-up observational research, customers utilized the signage often while waiting for service or during downtime in the sales process. Sales representatives interviewed are enthusiastic about the product as a helpful sales tool, and are already making additional feature requests to further enhance the experience.

The displays are critical to the retail evolution. It helps fulfill all the senses when a customer comes in… It really helps enhance that customer experience… It gives us a tool that allows us to visually demonstrate it to a Mazda customer instead of just telling them about it.

Mazda Dealer